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Fighting Of Extacy

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Real Kanojo (Uncensore with Patch Englih, Mediafire anda Rapidshare Link)

System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Family, AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+, AMD Phenom or better
VGA: 512 MB DirectX 10.0-compliant video card or DirectX 9.0-compliant card
DX: DirectX 9.0, DirectX 10
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Sound: DirectX 9.0-compliant 5.1 sound card

Download Rapidshare Link Here
Download Mediafire Link Here
Download Update Patch Here

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Battle Raper (Hentai Game)

Combination hentai and fighting games are pretty rare. H-games are usually adventure game things, with far too much clicking, pointless chatter and choosing whether to ’study’ or ‘relax’ on Saturday. Fortunately there’s none of that here, though there’s not much else to stir the blood/pants either.

When I first heard of the game, a few months back it was with mixed reactions. On one hand there’s the traditional ‘gosh, the wacky Japanese’ – then there’s the feeling of joy which accompanies the promise of a fighting game with more than just cheeky fanservice. Last of all there’s the gnawing, uncomfortable feeling generated by the prospect of something like a videogame “rape simulator.” Just imagine the newspaper headlines if they found out.

The more I read about the game the worse this feeling got, but then I finally played it. Having done so, all moral dilemma and fear of being corrupted into an evil rapist quickly evaporated – this game doesn’t encourage, or glamorise rape – it’s silly, cheesy and lame, totally disjointed from ‘our world’ – all the women look like shop window dummies, and even the more ‘disturbing’ aspects are rendered harmless by their clumsy implementation (button mashing!) and primitive appearance.

Battle Raper the PC game requires a stupendous 1.2GB of hard disk space (the game itself comes on two CDs) and starting up reveals a baffling Japanese language setup screen; where video mode and controls can be set up – and it doesn’t take too long to work out what’s what and plunge into the game.

It’s kind of seedy, really. The title screen with the circular dragon of flame on it, announcing BATTLE RAPER in all caps while the sound of a heartbeat plays over and over, like it’s something to be proud of or something. After an interminable load time (which you also get between every fight) you come to the main menu.

Once you’re inside there’s zero scope for customisation; no difficulty, time or damage alterations whatsoever. The play modes to chose from are: Story mode, Load story, Vs Com, Vs 2P and Extra mode – pretty self-explanatory really, even more so when you know that it is possible to save at any time during the tonnes of dialogue that comes with the story mode. ‘Extra mode’ is where you go to view all the hentai goodies – each character has three CG H-images, a ‘real-time H’ feature (I’ll explain later) and a CG movie. At the very start all of these are unavailable, and it’s only by (ugh) playing the game are they unlocked.

The presentation is glossy, colourful and professional-looking, there are some tasty works of hi-resolution CG art, and lots of CG face portraits filling the various option screens alongside bold lines of colour and trendily posed text. I will mention that the CG images do actually make the women look Japanese, though their real-time polygonal counterparts don’t.

The CG sequences are pretty nifty too – each character has their own introductory CG, running at 40 seconds or so each, where they do something, or go somewhere or just pose looking cool while the camera makes fifty fly-bys of their crotch. There are a couple of other CG scenes, the traditional exploding airship, the introduction of the (male) boss, all of decent quality.

Battle Raper is really about 20% fighting game, 20% h0t cart00n sex0r and 60% Japanese text on a blank screen … hell I signed on here for fighting and porn, and there’s just not enough of either. Predictably, the fighting element is terrible. I realise that it’s following the traditional path of H-games, basically putting long, tedious repetitive sequences in between the ‘good stuff’ – making you play, teasing you, leading you on, but I really have a hard time putting into words how lame it is. Surely they could have put some effort in – what we have here is something that would have been inexcusable ten years ago.

The player has a block button, a ‘free move’ (sort of) button and two attack buttons, which hilariously appear to do the exact same thing. The only difference comes in the “special moves” – and I use that term incredibly loosely, where different directions and different buttons produce combo sequences of differing length and appearance. It’s pretty amusing, in a sad sort of way – combat involves holding a direction and pressing a button, there are no “QCF” or “button-tap” moves – just (direction)+(button), all of which have very similar results. I beat this game with three of the characters while watching TV, just glancing round infrequently to make sure I was pointing in the right direction.

There are a couple of other options available mid-fight, which rely on the super meter at the bottom of the screen. Actually there are four meters onscreen – health, at the top (fights last only one round, thankfully), and ‘power’, ‘guard’ and ’super’ at the bottom. The SUPER fills up to five levels, and the more meter you have the more options are available. With less than 1/2 a level, pressing towards and both attack buttons will perform a close-range throw (every character has the same throw), at level 1-2 at close enough range the same combination will perform a grope/throw against a suddenly black background – in the form of either a breast-rubbing backdrop or a leg-spreading limp snap. I’m deadly serious. At level 3 the motion activates a ‘molestation subgame’ (!!!) – where a pair of gloved hands rub at either the crotch or the exposed breasts of the opponent. By moving the d-pad and pressing the buttons, the hand moves, and the faster it moves the more er damage it does. There’s a damage meter at the bottom right, and a countdown bar at the bottom left, and you have something like 20 seconds to do as much damage as possible before reverting back to combat. This is what I mean by the more ‘offensive’ elements of the game being nullified by their crass implementation – jamming on buttons to fondle some polygon breasts in order to “damage” someone? When I think of filling meters by button-bashing in games I think of those sports simulators on the ZX SPECTRUM – and this is equally realistic and equally fun.

The level 4/MAX moves are kind of an anticlimax. Activating them (at any range) will begin a charge-up animation and there after your character will let loose some huge beam or ball of energy of some sort – the whole sequence is reminiscent of the ’summons’ in Final Fantasy 7 onwards. They’re nice to look at, once, but incredibly tedious and unskippable after that. They’re also completely unavoidable – once the sequence starts, the opponent has no control until they pick themselves up off the floor afterwards.

Offensively, you can block, and you can dodge. The movement controls are epic-ly poor. Up and down move you towards and away from your opponent (naturally) – while left and right see you circle them in the respective direction. It’s unresponsive and slow enough to make any sort of informed, reactive combat impossible. My favourite thing is the alignment control – the tracking that keeps the characters facing each other: there isn’t any. If one character circles while the other is performing an attack sequence, and they end up facing different directions, they’ll stay that way unless you move the controller in the appropriate direction. Alternately you can leave the controller for a second and the screen will jump and the characters will magically be facing each other again. Nice going guys.

So, here’s a sample fight:

Run up to opponent

Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack.

Up + Attack 1 + Attack 2

Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack, Right + Attack.
That’s it. It’s horrible – the AI is as empty and pointless as the combat; it’s either standing there or doing a 10-hit chain combo on you. The only time I had trouble winning a fight was with Mai vs. the last boss, Zenon, because she doesn’t have a long combo chain and he’s a combo maniac, with a considerably longer life gauge than you do (that’s challenge!)

I was going to write more, but it’s pointless really. Of course the fighting aspect of the game isn’t going to be well-implemented, technical, balanced, exciting and fun to play – it’s filler really, the boring bit you have to do over and over again in order to get at the porn. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s forgivable, it’s still absolute crap to play – it’s just clear which aspect of the game the designers spent the most time on, so really I should return the favour. Just don’t expect anything more playable than a three-dimensional “Yie Ar Kung Fu” with exploding breastplates.

Boasting possibly the smallest character roster ever, Battle Raper features five whole selectable characters, four female and the male final boss. Their designs are just hilariously derivative. Mai Kisaragi (even the NAMES do it!) is wearing what looks like Kasumi from Dead or Alive’s second costume, with Ayane (also from Dead or Alive’s) bow on the back of it. Suzume Hachisuka is wearing a Honey/Candy from Fighting Vipers-type plastic dress, and she even has the wings on the back of it, Chihaya Kagami is a sword-fighting girl with purple hair and DOA-style leggings … originality is not their strong point. The male boss, the (I’m guessing this from the way he roars mid-fight) vaguely demonic Zenon is a silver haired, skinny fag in an outfit covered with leather straps. The characters are pretty dull and lifeless, nor as far as I’m concerned all that attractive, which is a shame seeing how much you get to see of them.

The game is extremely story-heavy (in story mode, obviously – which seeing as it’s the one that unlocks the pr0ns is the only one worth playing) – which is expected from an H-game. Seeing as it’s all in Japanese I probably spent more time skipping the endless reams of text than I did playing the game, and as such have absolutely no idea what’s going on, who’s doing what to who and why. It’s more than a little irritating.

As for the h-content, well, it’s there, I suppose, and comes in various degrees. The fighter character models themselves are typical PC fare – low on polygons but high in resolution and texturing, and as such look distinctly unrealistic – especially compared to more recent console 3D fighters.

The standard character models aren’t the only 3D ones in the game; after enduring a certain amount of punishment, the game will pause, and a real-time sequence will show the characters’ armour flying off, sort of Fighting Vipers-style against a black screen. This happens again, at the moment of their defeat, this time with their underwear (you can rotate the model) – and in both instances the polygon count is clearly much higher than the in-game models. They still look like plastic, but at least they don’t have the glaringly obvious arm and leg joins any more. It’s worth mentioning that both sequences are book-ended by a still, full-screen CG portrait of the ‘victim’s’ face staring out at you, hollow-eyed with terror. Nice.

There are a third set of polygonal character models, in the “REAL TIME H” section (unlocked after beating the game with each character and available from the EXTRA MODE menu.) Here the character is lying down, facing you, arms tied behind her back (!) – wearing nothing but panties and maybe some stockings or some such thrilling extra. There have been obvious attempts to make them look more attractive – the polygon count is used almost entirely on the characters’ breasts and faces and as such there’s still so much about them that looks fake, and weird, and downright disturbing. I don’t think anyone likes an ass with angles, do they?

Anyway this mode gives you three options, “Mouth” “Bust” and “XXX”. Bust and XXX show up in the regular game as the ‘level three’ special attacks, I’ve mentioned them already – and “Mouth” is, well, mouth has the chosen character being forced (your hands on their head) to suck on a magic invisible cock. As with the other two, d-pad rotation and button mashing increases the ‘damage’ done, and yes, those are tears running down the cheeks of the girl as they do their thing. Nasty.

Beating the game with various characters (including Zenon, who gets a REAL TIME H minigame after every character you beat) also unlocks some decent quality CG artworks, three for each character.

Finally at the top end of the hentai scale are the CG rape scenes. I say ‘rape’ – as the game sets them up as such, but you wouldn’t know otherwise, there’s no violence or anything unsavoury, thankfully. I have to say I’d never seen animated CG pr0n before, and found it quite, er, stimulating – it’s certainly better than the real-time stuff in this game, despite the short length of the clips and the traditional Japanese censorship blur.

Once I’d seen all the pictures and movies, that was it for me. The fighting section is just so horrible I cannot see any reason to ever touch it again, and the fact all the pr0n can now be accessed through the “EXTRA MODE” screen just renders the ‘game’ section all the more redundant. It took me two hours to get all the goodies, and that’s a pretty generous estimate of the game’s lifespan.

As I said earlier, I wasn’t expecting something of Virtua Fighter 4 calibre, I was really looking forward to something on a par with those nameless 3D PlayStation fighting games released in the mid 90’s to cash in on the Tekken craze – but what I got was a disaster, and even though I’ve said I shouldn’t be too harsh on something that’s more a pretend fighter than a real one, it’s still a thoroughly unimpressive piece of work, and as such gets a low, low score.

I won’t punish them further for making a game with such a distasteful theme, as I’m not here to moralise or pass judgement or junk like that, I’m just here to hit things and write about it.

A final thought occurs to me, I wonder what this is like played in two-player mode? Does the usual friendly “ha, eat Sonic Boom, faget!” banter just cross over? I just can’t envisage people sitting down to play this together, given the breast grabbing, crotch-stroking and underwear-shedding sequences and everything. Any volunteers?

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waiting for Battle Raper II

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Brave Soul (Hentai Game) request

Category: Adventure RPG
Language: Rus and Eng (Eng choose when to install memory game)
Info: Game have the story quite funny ^ ^, you will set up a team and crab in five girls to do the quest, each of her first tastes of different
Game play is valuable, the plow hoes farm lvl, do quests
There are five levels of difficulty that different lvl Rate
Item 1000 and Max Lv is not counting the many Xue
The quest system, is also quite lively arena
6 Ending

Download Only Mediafire Link

Download Here
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